July 11, 2012

Creative and Craft Fair

Amarin Plaza is hosting the Creative and Craft Fair 2012 from July 12-20, at its Event Hall on the 1st floor.  The exhibition is organized by Amarin Plaza jointly with The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT) [www.sacict.net], and Craftspace.

Showcased will be genuine Thai craft products, including handmade goods, textiles, ornaments, home decorative items, gifts, as well as Thai food and health products.  There is also a live demonstration of local handicrafts as practicable in today's modern urban lifestyle.  

Besides, several arts performances will be staged to entertain visitors and shoppers, such as a live puppet show, "Khon" or classical Thai masked drama, a Dulcimer show, and Lanna-style Thai boxing.

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