March 15, 2012

USA Fair 2012 at CentralWorld

The USA Fair 2012 is taking place at the Central World shopping mall from April 19 to 22 - which is the first weekend (Thursday-Sunday) after the long songkran holidays.  The fair will be divided into 4 zones and will occupy all areas on the 1st and 2nd floor of Central World.

Over 70 booths will present a promising variety of popular American brand products and services at special prices.  There will be food, wines, juices, etc., and also tour agencies, airlines and educational institutes.

Though the USA Fair runs for 4 days, past events have shown that the good stuffs often fly off the shelves within the first couple of days.  Many booths are empty and therefore closed on the last day.  So if you do not wish to miss anything, it is best to visit the exhibition early on, rather than the last days.


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