March 22, 2012

Ice Cream Festival 2012 at Central Plaza

With Bangkok's humid summer heat getting too hot to handle, a perfect escape has arrived just in time in the form of an Ice Cream Festival at Central Plaza.  The festival is taking place from March 22 to May 25, 2012 at all 7 branches of Central Plaza in Bangkok, with each branch hosting the fest for a week each, as follows:

Central Plaza Bangna              -  March 22–28
Central Plaza Rattanathibet    -  March 29-April 4
Central Plaza Rama 9              -  April 10–18
Central Plaza Rama 3              -  April  20–26
Central Plaza Ramindra           -  April 27-May 7
Central Plaza Chaengwattana -  May 11–17
Central Plaza Pinklao                -  May 18–24

At the fair, there'll be popular brands of icecream from all over the country, including the local favourite - coconut icecream, and other premium brands which are hard to find.  Some exotic ice-creams will be the main draw at the event, such as:  One More - a new brand of fruit ice-cream; Srimala - an icecream with Thai flowers; Turkish ice cream; and Tongue Fun Ice Cream - which is actually the name of a local trendy ice-cream shop where icecream scoops are served on a bowl placed over dry-ice, thus creating smoke off the scoops.   Other delights debuting at the event are Icecream flower gelato and the 15 inch mochi cream by i-maru - an icecream made from rice, which does not melt even when hot water is poured over it.  Three new flavours of icecream from Hokkaido Soft Serve will be introduced - Lavender icecream, Hokkaido Cheese icecream (made of Mascarpone Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese); and Sakura icecream made with Sakura flowers.  Some weird ice-creams at the fair are coconut ice-cream with shredded pork and salty egg, and the unimaginable som-tam icecream.



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