February 27, 2012

iPhone promotion by True Move & others

With the omnipresence of iPhone these days, it is a wonder that some of us newbies have no idea where to buy one.  Unlike most other mobile phones, iPhone is not stocked in all mobile shops in the city.  The most reliable places to buy iPhone are the authorized resellers - the Apple Shop, iBeat, iStudio, Powerbuy, JayMart, TG Fone, besides the network shops such as True Shop, DTAC Center, AIS shop, etc.  But the best place to buy is probably the Apple Store online itself - where you can get the unlocked phone within a week - free shipping - and just take it to your network provider to get it started. The prices of the 4S model at Apple online seem slightly cheaper than the networks:

iPhone 4S (16 GB) - 20,900
iPhone 4S (32 GB) - 24,900
iPhone 4S (64 GB) - 28,900

[source: http://store.apple.com/th/]

True is having a 50% off promotion on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.  The offer is good from February 21st, 2012 till April 12th, 2012, but of course, with conditions attached.  You have to be an existing customer of True Online or True Visions for at least a year.  And you have to subscribe to their package of TrueMove H XL 899 for 18 months, which has to be paid in advance for about 7 months, meaning you have to pay upfront about 6,734 Baht for the package.  The discounted rates are as follows:

iPhone 4 (8 GB) - 9,250 Baht
iPhone 4S (16 GB) - 13,500 Baht
iPhone 4S (32 GB) - 17,200 Baht
iPhone 4S (64 GB) - 21,200 Baht

The enforced XL 899 Baht package includes 500 minutes of calls, 300 SMS, 50 MMS and unlimited 3G+/EDGE/GPRS and WiFi.

The regular rates of True iPhone inclusive of VAT taxes and with True package as off Feb 2012 are as follows.  The rates in the brackets are the iPhone rates without any package:

iPhone 4S (16 GB) - 21,700 (22,450)
iPhone 4S (32 GB) - 25,400 (26,350)
iPhone 4S (64 GB) - 29,100 (30,250)

True Move has 3 monthly packages for iPhone users:
S - 399; M-579; L-799


AIS  iPhone 4S rates inclusive of VAT taxes and with the AIS package as of Feb 2012 are given below.  The rates in the brackets are the Phone price without any package:

iPhone 4S (16 GB) - 21,700 (22,450)
iPhone 4S (32 GB) - 25,400 (26,350)
iPhone 4S (64 GB) - 29,200 (30,250)

AIS iPhone monthly packages come in basic 3:
Mini - 275; Medium - 519; Max - 839


DTAC  iPhone rates inclusive of VAT taxes and with the package, as of Feb 2012, are as below; the rates in the brackets are the Phone rates without any package:

iPhone 4S (16 GB) - 21,700 (22,450)
iPhone 4S (32 GB) - 25,500 (26,350)
iPhone 4S (64 GB) - 29,400 (30,250)

Their iPhone monthly packages are as follows: S-449; M-580; L-699

Source: http://www.dtac.co.th/iphone/plan/index.html 


  1. forget about the TRUE 50%.
    They make sure nobody can get the promotion...
    We are customer with Truevisions for 5 years now.
    Just 2 months ago, every Gold & Platinum customer in Khon Kaen has had their old digibox changed for a new HD box without having asked for it.
    Because of that change True starts counting as you were a new customer from the date of digibox change...