November 20, 2011

The Nine 9

The Nine neighborhood center is a newly-opened mall on Rama 9 Road, with many interesting eateries and cafes, as well as shops. This environmentally-friendly design mall caters to people living in the vicinity, so there's no more the need to drive all the way to the city center through hours of traffic just to eat and hang out..

Fast food and Fine dining restaurants of various cuisines and irresistible cafes found here include:  Scoozi Pizza,  Pasta Nine,  Tonkatsu Raku,  Yura An Grill Yakiniku,  Basaraka Ramen,  MoMo Curry,  The Salad Gallery,  Niche Cafe,  Vanilla Orange,  Miami Cafe,  Au Bon Pain,  Farm Design,  A-List Sweet Cafe,  Dohton Bori,  Club 99 Pub & Restaurant, and  Wine Bistro.

Other than food, there is Asia Books, several fashion and accessories shops, beauty treatment spas, nail art salons, learning centres for kids, etc.

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