May 31, 2011


Verasu, a retailer specializing in imported houseware, kitchenware and home electronics, is having a 10-Day special promotion from May 27th to June 5th, 2011. On offer are: price discounts, 0% interest payment plans for six months for purchases over 6,000 Baht, or free water jugs.

Besides, there are the "All for Health" and "Summer Joy" promotions from June 1st to 5th, with a sale of 10-50% discounts as follows:

  • Purchase of 1 product - 10-35% off
  • Purchase of 2nd product - additional 10% off on the lesser priced article
  • Purchase of 3rd product - additional 20% off on the lesser priced article
Located on Wireless Road, the Verasu shop has a huge selection of imported housewares including home electronic devices, kitchen electric appliances (juicers, breadmaker, icecream maker, food mixer, yoghurt maker, coffee grinder, etc), cleaning products, washing machines, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, kitchen tools, food storage containers, and more.

Several unique imported brands from Germany, England and other European nations such as: Severin, Homemate, Leifheit, UrbanGrill, White Knight, Buono, Soehnle, and Luminarc can be found here. So if you're looking for quality products for your homes, ditch the shopping malls with their mediocre products, and head to Verasu.

For more information, check out their neat website:


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