December 4, 2010

AIS Movie Month & True Move Movie Lovers at Major & EGV

Watching a movie at a cinema in Bangkok can set you back anywhere between 120-180 baht for just a normal seat ticket. So it does help to take advantage of all the discounts available to reduce the pinch to our wallets. There are bargains galore for movie lovers these past couple of months at the Major and EGV group of cineplexes, some of them are as follows:

The AIS Movie Month promotion gives users of the AIS mobile network discounts for all movies every Saturday and Sunday at just 60 Baht per ticket until Jan 2, 2011. The catch here is that your monthly call charges - prepay or postpay - should average 300 baht per month, and the discount is for 1 seat/per number (only normal seats) at normal cinemas (not the digital ones) at Paragon Cineplex, Esplanade Cineplex, Paradise Cineplex, Major Cineplex and EGV all branches. To check if you are eligible for the offer, call *545*0# and wait for the message.
PS - Instead of the advertised 60 baht, we were charged 80 baht per ticket while using this offer (not sure why).

Major Cineplex also has the ongoing promo of Wednesdays as Movie Days, when all tickets are priced at 80 Baht.

True Move Movie Lovers promotion is, as the name suggests, for users of True Move to avail the 'buy one get one' deals on movie tickets at all cinemas of Major Cineplex, EGV, Paragon Cineplex and Esplanade Cineplex. But there are limited number of 'free' seats being given out each week and month (4,500 tickets per month), so you have a greater chance of bagging the offer in the beginning of the week than, say, in the weekends. This offer has been going on for quite some time and is until March 2011. To avail the offer, you have to send an SMS with an 'M' to the number 9989. You will receive a password if seats are still available, or else an informative message, if not.

There are several other ways to watch movies at cheaper rates, for example if you are over 60 years you can avail of the senior price of just 80 baht a ticket.

For a list of all promos, go to


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