September 6, 2010

Paradise Park

Paradise Park is the latest addition to Bangkok's myriad of shopping malls, lest you be deceived by the misleading name into thinking its a park. Located on the Srinakharin Road in eastern Bangkok, it occupies the building that once housed the Seri Center shopping centre. The building has been completely refurbished, with the only remnants of the old shopping centre found in the Seri Market which still takes up a section of the Ground floor. For updated info about the shops, eateries and others that you can find there, check out their website:

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the Paradise Park:
- it is the newest mall in town
- to kill time, as you have nothing better to do
- you are bored to death of walking the same old aisles of the same old malls for probably the hundredth time in a year
- you need a new topic to chat/discuss with your colleagues about during lunch hour & also don't want to feel left out when hearing others talk about it.
- your quest for that dream pair of shoes and dress has not yet been fulfilled by the existant dozens of malls


  1. Looks exactly the same as everywhere else - boring places selling the same old stuff - staffed by idiots who don't know their arse from their elbow and so proud of it too.