December 10, 2009

Gift Ideas at B2S

"B2S Feel Gift Feel Good" is the bookshop chain's new year promotion running until January 6th, 2010, with over 500 gift items including books, stationery, music CDs and more - there's sure to be something for everyone. Featured are many discounted items, Buy1-get1 offers and also special freebies with some purchases. They also have a free gift-wrapping service. To view the online brochure, go to Here are some interesting items:

Cute pencil sharpeners in the shapes of a train, a carrousel and even a fruit cart for 320 baht each:

Who would've thought that you get spy gadgets at a bookshop? Yes, B2S has just introduced these new products - Digital Video Recorder Sunglasses for 4,490 baht and Digital Video Recorder Pen for 2,290 baht. It may be good news for spies and wannabe spies, but for the rest of us, it is a nightmare - now you never know who is watching and recording your every move.. in secret!

And for Twilight fanatics, there seems to be a whole array of books out there on the popular actors in the series, such as these:


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