August 7, 2009

Former Rich Market

The Market of the Former Rich (ตลาดนัดคนเคยรวย), or the 'Formerly Rich' which first made its appearance during the 1997 Economic Crisis, is back - every Sunday (8 am to 6 pm) at the same place, the Benz Thonglor dealership on Sukhumvit 55. Here, you can BUY OR SELL, USED or NEW cars, watches, jewelries, diamonds & other valuables.

The market became quite popular back in 1997 and even attracted global media attention; as the 'former' rich used the platform to sell their accumulated assets to offset their losses in the recession. All kinds of things found their way into the market those days - private airplanes ( I definitely remember seeing a Cessna on display), Mercedes-Benz sedan cars, luxury watches - some amazing Rolex ones, Jet-skis, Golf gears, a lot of used branded clothing, and even an expensive electric toy Porsche car (ride-able by kids)! To view some photos of the market back in 1997, visit


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