May 22, 2009

International Food Festival @ Central Plaza Bangna

With the dearth of good sales around us these days, we might just visit some event fairs. Central Plaza Bangna is going to hold an International Food Festival from May 27 to June 2 (10 am - 10 pm) at their Hall on the B1 Floor. The festival will have a variety of 'emperor' cuisines (no idea what that means) from France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, China, India, Korea and our very own Thai; featuring some high quality and rare ingredients of the world such as rare deep sea Fish maw (worth 2 million baht per kg) and caterpillar fungus from Tibet (worth 500,000 Baht per kg). Well, if you are not much of a foodie, you can also enjoy some international dance performances from China, Korea and even Belly Dance!


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